Self-Directed IRAs for Individual Investors

Learn about the different types of self-directed accounts and investment options, review IRS rules, or view contribution limits.

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Financial Professionals

Find out how Midland works with Advisors, Investment Sponsors and Futures Trading Professionals, set-up an offering or learn about Private Fund Custody.

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Real Estate IRAs

Invest your retirement funds in an investment property, land, or privately lend money.

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1031 Exchange Investors

Do you personally own investment real estate? Learn how to defer capital gains on the sale of your investment property by utilizing a 1031 Exchange.

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Client Center

Securely upload documents, sign-in to your Midland 360 account, calculate your required minimum distribution and get the answers to your most frequently asked questions.

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Self-Directed Retirement Accounts for Alternative Investments

Midland IRA is about more investment control. We give our clients the options, flexibility and freedom to take their financial futures to places most can’t. This, together with a mindset that personal service is job number one, has made us one of the most trusted, most frequently referred firms of our kind in the country. To find out more, read on.

We think you’ll appreciate the Freedom to Invest™ we provide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Midland?

Midland IRA provides exceptional professional service on a personal level to our clients. With a combined 20+ years in our industry, our staff provides administrative services to ensure the elements of your self-directed investment accounts fall within the limits of IRS rules and regulations. Midland IRA also offers cutting-edge educational curriculum designed for all types of investors to learn how self-directed accounts have the potential to build wealth at a faster pace than traditional methods may. While we offer no investment advice or opinions, Midland IRA does allow you to achieve true investment freedom and the power of choice of your own investments.

What does Midland IRA offer for my retirement plan?

For IRAs, Midland IRA acts as an agent for custodial banks, and provides record keeping and tax reporting for non-traditional assets. For qualified plans, such as the Individual 401(k), we provide the plan document, which is qualified under the IRS code. Midland IRA also provides record-keeping services for the plan assets you elect. We also offer a “Do Your Own” plan in which we provide you with the IRS-approved plan documents, but you personally perform the record-keeping functions.

How are my funds protected?

All un-invested funds are FDIC insured up to $250,000. At Midland IRA, we ensure the safety of client funds by placing them in FDIC insured institutions.

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