Why Choose Midland 1031

Proud Member of the FEA (Federation of Exchange Accommodators)

out of 100 CES (Certified Exchange Specialist) in the country on staff*
+ Years in Business
Out of 5 Customer Satisfaction Rating

Personalized Service

We value our clients and the relationship that we establish with them. At Midland 1031, our clients have a dedicated member of the 1031 team that will work with them on the exchange from beginning to end. You will be working with someone who not only knows your exchange transaction, they know you.


Midland 1031 maintains a fidelity bond and a professional insurance policy from a leading, independent insurance underwriter to protect our clients and the funds they entrust to us.


No two exchanges are the same. We have handled both simple and complex exchange transactions. We serve as Qualified Intermediary for Forward, Reverse and Improvement Exchanges.

We have facilitated exchanges all over the United States and have handled exchanges ranging from under $100K to over $10M.

Safekeeping of Client Information

Midland 1031 uses a combination of methods to ensure the security of client information. This includes a firewall, encryption, a rigorous internal password policy, lockout hours where the systems are shut down, an offsite backup (in preparation of hurricanes), and a locked location for our servers. We also have a professional shredding service to dispose of important documentation.

*This number was last updated March 2020.