2020 Charitable Focus: Midland Serves Retirees

2020 Charitable Focus Midland Serves Retirees

At Midland, we know how important it is to be an active part of the communities we serve. Being part of a company that focuses on retirement gives us insight into the retirement experience for those in our communities. Over the past several months, we have zeroed in on our long-term charitable focus for the company being the people we serve – retirees.

Did you know more than 40% of seniors experience loneliness?

In Ft. Myers, we have forged a great relationship with the Senior Friendship Center.  The Senior Friendship Center’s mission is “to promote health, dignity, and quality of life throughout the journey of aging.” Over the 2019 holiday season, Midland prepared 60 gift bags that included a reusable shopping bag, blanket, and an ornament. Midland also donated Publix gift cards, allowing seniors to purchase their last-minute holiday groceries. Throughout the year Midland volunteers with the center, helping to pack and deliver non-perishable food items to those enrolled in their food program.

Our Chicago office has been volunteering several days per month at Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly (LBFE). We spent the holiday season wrapping presents for hundreds of seniors so that all seniors in the program had hand-delivered gifts in time for the holidays. In total, LBFE delivered over 1,000 gifts to seniors across Chicagoland. LBFE’s mission is to bring “conversation, companionship, celebration and connection” to those they serve, which is done through sponsored events, parties, and visiting programs.

Serving those nearing retirement means we are focused on the issues that impact them:

  • Retirement Planning
    Helping clients understand how to contribute to a better retirement, educating our clients on contribution limits, their investment options, and how current legislation impacts their retirement.
  • Reducing And Preventing Fraud
    Tips for preventing account fraud and tips to improve your password.
  • How To Help The Aging Senior Population
    Connecting with seniors through volunteer efforts and providing corporate sponsorship to the institutions that serve them.

Over the course of the next several months, you will continue to see our focus on the retiree population and what we are doing to help in the local communities we serve.

If you would like to know more about how Midland plans to serve retirees in 2020, contact us today!