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Welcome to Midland Trust

Midland Trust is excited to help you with your self-directed IRA or 1031 exchange needs. We have been in business for over 25 years and pride ourselves on superior customer service. While working with Midland, please feel free to reach out and ask any questions that you may have at any time. The entire staff at Midland wants you to have a smooth and profitable transaction. We are here to serve.

About Midland Trust




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Midland Trust Company is a South Dakota publicly chartered trust company.

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Midland IRA, Inc. is an IRA and private fund custody servicing company.

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Midland 1031 is a Qualified Intermediary service provider.

Midland's History of Service

Midland began as a two-person accounting firm on Sanibel Island and has grown to a specialized service trust company with offices and clients nationwide.

Midland focuses on providing clients with as many opportunities as possible to defer or eliminate taxes through self-directed saving plans and 1031 exchanges. Midland’s services give our clients complete control over their retirement investment decisions by allowing them to self-direct in real estate and other alternative assets. Our 1031 services focus on tax-free exchanges for real estate investors.

Benefits of Working With Midland

  1. Flat Fees: Midland allows you to select a flat fee that is not tied to your investment performance.
  2. Flexibility: Use the same account at Midland to invest in numerous types of alternative assets.
  3. Alternate Source of Funds: Use your retirement account as an additional source of funds for your investments.
  4. Source of Capital: With over 9 trillion dollars in IRA accounts in the US, you can unlock a new way to raise capital. Midland acts as a strategic partner to make this process easy for investment sponsors and their clients.
  5. Dedicated Representative: We offer a one-on-one dedicated client service representative for every client and professional partner.
  6. Cutting-Edge Technology: Our Midland360 client portal gives 24/7 account access. Our Payment Portal & Midland Pay app make collecting rent or note payments easy. Investment sponsors can set up custom URLs to raise capital through OnePath.

Trust Midland

Midland Trust Ranked Second-Best IRA Custodian in the Nation

2020 America's Best IRA Custodians cover

Every year, Wealth Advisor publishes America’s Best IRA Custodians. This year, Wealth Advisor ranked Midland Trust second in the nation. This was Midland’s first year in the survey, and we are the only employee-owned company included. Wealth Advisor ranks participating IRA custodians based on survey results from their subscribers. This publication provides IRA investors with information about why an IRA custodian is required and what investors and Advisors seek in a custodian. Review the entire publication.

BBB Accredited Business | A+

Midland Trust has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2012 and has an A+ rating.

The Midland Trust Mission


Midland is responsive to each other, our clients, and our industry. We continuously evolve so that we are not the same company from year to year. Our processes change to meet the changing needs of our industry. We treat our clients and coworkers with respect and expediency and expect the same in return.


Midland treats every employee, individual client, prospect, and vendor with integrity and honesty. We strive for transparency within the organization to encourage collaboration. We do not sacrifice integrity for a number or type of account. Midland assumes the best in others and stresses the positive in all situations.


Midland offers ideas to fix problems, learn from our mistakes, and look for ways to improve continually. We expect a lot of out of employees and seek those who are not afraid of hard work. We follow through on our commitments, continuously showing gratitude for our clients and each other. Midland offers help whenever possible.

Midland Trust’s Goals

  1. Develop and Appreciate Our Employees
  2. Target and Win Business
  3. Provide Professional, Personal Service
  4. Operate with Unrelenting Efficiency
  5. Trust and Respect One Another Without Reservation. We Are One Midland.

What Others Have to Say About Midland


“The team that processes my bills, distributions, etc. are very responsive and professional. I can put in a request at 8 am and by 10 am or sooner, the request is processed and in play. Great service!!”


“I have been impressed with the service and people. This is a great tool for making my retirement money work for me. I am currently looking at buying a house on an online auction and Midland representative was able to discuss the process with me and I feel comfortable about what needs to be done. I don’t have any suggestions for improvement.”


“The process was handled efficiently and with high responsiveness. Communication was excellent. Rare to have this sort of customer experience.”


“My phone experience was great. Midland representative was knowledgeable and confident in her answers”

Midland Administrative Fees

Exceptional Service. Reasonable Fees.

When you choose to work with Midland, you can rest assured that you are receiving exceptional value. Our commitment is to provide the absolute best service at the best possible price. Our fees are flat and up-front, so you never have to worry about any “hidden” fees. You’re also able to choose from a fee-based or value-based schedule, depending on what is best for your situation. Most clients pay between $195-$295/year for our services based on account activity. Our fees are simple and easy to understand.

Do you have any questions about fees or are uncertain how we stack up against other IRA companies? Call us! One of our dedicated associates will work with you to determine a fee schedule most beneficial for your account scenario. We’d love the opportunity to earn your business.