Alternative Investment Custody Solutions With Non-Retirement Money

Alternative Investment Custody Solutions With Non-Retirement Money

Since 2002, Midland Trust Company has been a leader in alternative investments within IRA accounts. Our goal has been to make investing in alternative investments with IRA funds simple and easy to accomplish. However, we want investing in alternative investments to be easy for anyone with any type of account. Did you know that you can now leverage the expertise and efficiency of Midland to facilitate alternative investment custody solutions with non-retirement money?

An Alternative Investment Custody Solution For Any Account

Yes, that’s right. You can now establish an individual, joint, or trust account with Midland to invest in alternative investments, such as real estate, hedge funds, venture capital, start-up companies, private equity, and much more.

Let’s suppose that you have accumulated a nice savings account and enjoy investing in private commercial real estate projects.  To do so, the real estate investment company is going to ask that you physically sign a complex and lengthy document and cut a check for the investment.  Then what? Where do you track the performance of the investment? How do you check the history of your dividend payments? Where do all of your documents get stored if you need quick access to them? Oh, and why did you need to pen-sign a lengthy document in the first place? By making that real estate investment through a Midland Custodial Account, you gain the ability to electronically complete your investment documents with the assistance of a transaction specialist and monitor the performance and ongoing payments from that investment over time. 

Why would I use Midland for my alternative investment custody solutions?

  • Assurance. We process hundreds of alternative investment transactions every day and are knowledgeable about the logistics involved. We relieve you of document headaches and guide you through the process.
  • Simplicity. In dealing with thousands of alternative investment transactions month over month, we have built tools to help the client review and sign documents as well as monitor transactions online. Our technology makes the investment process smooth and simple.
  • Consolidation.  Using Midland allows you to consolidate the investable cash flowing in and out of your alternative investment portfolio. We provide proper records of each transaction and perform reporting of each holding in the portfolio. You don’t need to guess or track down records or statements from multiple parties. 

Alternative investments offer an avenue to greater diversification, potentially higher returns, as well as the comfort of investing in something more familiar. However, the process of investing in alternatives and the ongoing administration can be cumbersome. Allow Midland Trust Company to simplify the alternative investment process and administration for both IRAs and non-IRA money. 

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