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My Reverse 1031 Exchange is Complete. Now What?

You found the perfect replacement investment property, purchased it and then successfully sold your relinquished property by setting up a Reverse Exchange.  You have deferred your capital gains and depreciation recapture for 2019.  However, your replacement property is owned by a new LLC set up specifically for the reverse exchange – how can you transfer […]

Is a Health Savings Account (HSA) for You?

  Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) can be a great way to reduce your tax bill if you are enrolled in a high deductible health plan (HDHP). Funds contributed to an HSA are 100% tax deductible (up to the legal limit) just like an IRA even if you don’t itemize your medical expense on your tax [...]

Final Regs on Section 199A Bring Good News for 1031 Exchanges

The proposed regs under Section 199A left many taxpayers and advisors scratching their heads as to the impact it would have on those taxpayers looking to complete a tax-deferred exchange under Section 1031.  One interpretation of the proposed regs could have meant that taxpayers would have to choose between the benefit of the 1031 exchange [...]

IRA Contribution Limits

Building wealth is an important goal and you can use your retirement accounts to help, but you need to keep a few important things in mind: deadlines to contribute, and contribution limits. Contribution limits have increased for 2019. Deadlines and Contribution Limits For some IRAs, the deadline to contribute is also tax filing day – [...]

Roth IRAs and What You Need to Know

You may be asking what a Roth IRA is, and what the basic requirements are to have one. Eligibility for a Roth IRA depends on two factors: you must have earned income, and your modified adjusted gross income (AGI) cannot exceed the limits set forth for Roth IRAs. Roth IRAs can be self-directed, allowing account [...]

Raising Capital Using Self-Directed IRA Funds

“I didn’t even know that was allowed.” That is the most common response we receive when speaking with new investment sponsors about permissible alternative investment types that can be held by a self-directed IRA. Since most investors are waiting until qualified retirement age to distribute funds from their IRAs, alternative assets - which can typically [...]

Polar Pitfalls with Property in your IRA

One popular investment that people make with their IRAs is real estate. With the recent cold snap throughout large parts of the United States, many homes may need maintenance whether from a burst pipe or HVAC repairs. IRA investors in real estate should be wary of making any prohibited transactions. While you may want to [...]

Advantages of Doing a 1031 Exchange (Aside from the Tax Benefits)!

A 1031 exchange offers a lot of flexibility. Aside from the tax benefits, investors can consolidate, diversify, move markets, or increase income potential on their current investment property.   Some people choose to do a 1031 exchange to acquire more income. For example, they can exchange vacant land for commercial or residential property. The investor [...]

Tips to Improve Your Password

Your password is one of the most important layers of your personal information security. It is typically the only barrier protecting your personal data within your account from theft. That being said it is important to choose a password that is strong in order to limit the possibility of a malicious attacker from guessing your password. [...]

To Spam or Not to Spam

Signing up for a Midland IRA account or managing an existing account? It is important to provide an email address that is frequently checked. Everyone knows that when you sign up for anything nowadays it won’t be long before the ads begin pouring into your inbox. Fortunately, many come with an option to unsubscribe.   [...]

1031 Exchanges are still an investor’s secret weapon

A 1031 Exchange is the best-kept secret in the tax code. The 1031 rules allowed owners of certain types of real property to sell their property and buy other like-kind property without paying the capital gains tax. No other section of the Internal Revenue Code allows owners of capital assets to defer the payment of [...]

Contribution Limits for IRAs Increase for 2019

The new year brings many changes to retirement accounts form the IRS. Stay in the loop about the 2019 tax year to be able to take advantage of these changes in 2019! Back in November of 2018 the IRS announced several changes affecting contribution limits for IRAs and other retirement plans for 2019. With the [...]

Preventing Account Fraud

Requests for Personal Information If you receive a request, whether it’s by email, text or phone, for any personal or sensitive information, be aware that your credit card companies and financial institutions, including Midland, already have this information on file. Ask them what they have on file and then confirm it. If they tell you [...]

The Power of Time for Building Wealth

Every year we hear the same comment from many of our clients, "I need to get my IRA contribution in by April 15".  While it is true that your IRA contribution is due by April 15th of the following year, you can make that contribution on January 1 of the previous year – a full 469 days earlier. [...]

Helpful Tips to Ensure a Smooth Exchange

Every exchange is different, but there are a few universal tips that will help ensure a smooth process from start to finish: Make sure that the property you are selling (Relinquished Property) and the property you are purchasing (Replacement Property) qualify as investment/business use property.  If you are not sure, give us a call, and [...]

Should I do a 1031 exchange or an opportunity zone investment?

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCIA) created a new investment called Opportunity Zone on December 22, 2017.  This investment encourages taxpayers to invest capital through private investments in businesses and real estate in distressed communities to spur economic development.  Here is a link of FAQ from the IRS website: https://www.irs.gov/newsroom/opportunity-zones-frequently-asked-questions Should I do a [...]

Midland IRA Staff Volunteers 194 Hours During “Midland Volunteer Week”

Midland IRA’s entire company donated a total of 194 hours volunteering during the week of July 23 through July 27 in an initiative called “Midland Serves”, where 49 employees throughout the company volunteered at local food banks for the company’s first annual volunteer week.   The Fort Myers, Florida Midland IRA office volunteered at the [...]

Which College Savings Plan Is Best? Comparing 529 Plans to Education Savings Accounts

One of the most important gifts you can give any child is the financial ability to achieve a higher education. Many parents establish college savings plans when their children are young to take advantage of the benefits saving early presents. But, when comparing 529 plans to education savings accounts (ESAs), which college savings plan is [...]

President of Midland IRA Elected Chairman at Sanibel Captiva Community Bank

Dave Owens, CPA, President and CEO of Midland Trust Company has assumed Chairmanship of the Board for Sanibel Captiva Community Bank. Owens started his career in 1997 as a CPA on Sanibel Island and in 2003 opened Midland IRA’s Fort Myers headquarters. Since then, the self-directed IRA and 1031 exchange company has grown to over [...]

Can I do a 1031 Exchange with various types of commercial properties?

Absolutely.  As long as the property(ies) you are selling and the property(ies) you are purchasing are considered ‘investment or business use property’, a 1031 exchange could defer and maybe even eliminate federal taxes, state taxes and capital gain taxes.   What types of commercial properties are eligible for a 1031 exchange? Some examples of commercial [...]

What are Qualified Expenses for Health Savings Accounts?

Health savings plans (HSAs) are excellent accounts for those who want to take advantage of tax-exemptions for contributions and distributions, as well as for the income the account grows. You must ensure funds withdrawn are only used to pay for qualified medical expenses. Otherwise, you’ll not only pay income tax on these distributions, but a [...]

State-to-State 1031 Exchange Rules on Capital Gains Taxes Investors Should Know

Many real estate investors are unsure if they can use a 1031 exchange when selling property in one state and purchasing another in a different state. Fortunately, for all the investors out there, moving markets is not an issue when it comes to 1031 exchanges. You can sell a investment property in one state and [...]

Fair Market Valuations

Every year, the IRS requires a report of the value of your IRA assets. This is not a requirement only for self-directed IRA accounts; rather, fair market valuations (FMVs) are required of all IRAs. However, the process of ascertaining the value of non-liquid investments differs from reporting the value of more traditional assets like stocks, [...]

New Year, New Retirement Investing Strategy

If you have a typical IRA, you’re limited to things your investment broker sells and chooses for you. But, if you want more control and the opportunity to enhance the earning potential of your retirement account—it may be time to consider a new retirement investing strategy to kick off the new year.   Every time [...]

Top 3 Reasons to Use a Self-Directed IRA LLC to Invest

Single-Member LLCs used to invest in an IRA are also known as checkbook or checkbook control IRAs. Often called a self-directed IRA LLC, these are somewhat sophisticated investing structures that have great benefits to facilitate the investing processes. However, these accounts are complex, as the plan owner must adhere not only to the rules of [...]

What Is the Same Taxpayer Rule for Titles in 1031 Exchanges?

If you perform 1031 exchanges, you must understand the same taxpayer rule. This rule mandates that the taxpayer who owns the relinquished property must be the same taxpayer who takes ownership of the replacement property. Why? If the taxpayer changes tax identities, then there would be no continuity of tax. Bear in mind, however, that [...]

Find the Power of Investing with Your IRA in Midland Moments

Whether you are a client of ours or a financial professional working with us, Midland IRA never disappoints. We develop strong relationships with everyone we meet. Doing so helps us help you reach your goals. Those relationships—Midland Moments—are personal and professional. And that is important when you are choosing an administrator for investing with your IRA. [...]

Midland 1031 is Celebrating their 20th Anniversary!

Midland 1031 is celebrating 20 years in business this month! Formerly known as 1031 Tax Free Strategies, Midland has performed thousands of tax-free exchanges all over the United States since the fall of 1997.   Midland 1031 was formed in 1997 by Dave Owens, a CPA who had a firm on Sanibel Island. When Owens [...]

Building Wealth with Private Lending Investments in Your IRA

A self-directed IRA opens the door to a variety of alternative investment possibilities to build retirement wealth. One strategy growing in popularity involves private lending investments an IRA. Successful transactions can potentially generate a healthy, tax-sheltered return in your retirement account, something we all seek and deserve. Private lending as an investment in an IRA [...]

Raising Capital for Start-Up Ventures Using a Self-Directed IRA

Are you on the search for funds for your ventures, but having no luck? Then search no more! Anyone with an IRA can invest in start-up ventures. According to the Investment Company Institute there is currently over $8.2 trillion in individual retirement accounts (IRAs). Now imagine if those retirement accounts were Roth IRAs. That money [...]

Republican Healthcare Bill Does Not Eliminate Investment Tax, but a 1031 Exchange Can

On July 13, 2017, the US Senate released an updated version of the Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017. This is the Republican Healthcare Bill submitted earlier in June designed to overhaul or replace the Affordable Care Act (also known as the ACA or Obamacare). This new version would eliminate many of the taxes previously implemented [...]

Department of Labor Fiduciary Rule: June 9 Came and Went

Let's take a deep breath and talk about what is happening at the Department of Labor (DOL). We all waited to see how the Trump administration would handle the Department of Labor Fiduciary Rule that the Obama administration wrote back in 2014. The initial effective date was go into effect March 2017, but the new [...]

Rental Property Investments Help Build Wealth in an IRA

Real estate assets encompass many diverse holdings. One popular way investors build wealth is through rental property investments. Rental assets have the potential to produce reliable monthly personal income for some investors. Other individuals earn retirement income from rentals purchased in their IRAs. Self-directed IRAs provide account owners the unique ability of the Freedom to [...]

5 Benefits of a 1031 Exchange Besides Deferring Taxes

Real estate investors use 1031 exchanges to reap the main benefit of deferring capital gains tax. Successful exchanges allow this deferment. They also allow the deferment of other taxes upon the sale of investment property. These savings can be huge. Bonus: there are 5 benefits of a 1031 exchange besides deferring taxes that investors enjoy, [...]

How Do Realtors Benefit from Understanding and Using Real Estate IRAs?

Real estate IRAs offer unique opportunities for account owners to use their own knowledge and expertise to create retirement income. Anyone in any profession can put their experience to work by investing what they know best. For realtors, understanding and using real estate IRAs offers two fantastic opportunities: Realtors themselves can use these accounts as [...]

Timing Rules of a 1031 Exchange: How 1031 Exchanges Work

A 1031 exchange is a fantastic real estate investing maneuver. Exchanges allow the deferment of capital gains tax, depreciation recapture tax, healthcare tax, and state tax on the sale of investment and business-use property. But, exactly how does a 1031 exchange work? These transactions are for business use or investment property only. And, there are critical [...]

Earn Tax-Free Income on Rental Property in Your IRA

The savvy individual knows a thing or two about how IRAs provide tax-advantaged savings for retirement. You may even know that self-directed IRAs allow account owners to invest in alternative assets. Self-direction gives plan owners control over their retirement funds and investing decisions. Account owners can invest in assets that reach far beyond the traditional stock or bond. Alternative [...]

Defer Capital Gains Tax Using 1031s When You Sell Investment Property

Savvy investors use 1031 exchanges to defer capital gains tax on the sale of investment property. These transactions also provide an avenue to defer depreciation recapture, healthcare, and state taxes. This is a perfectly legal investing strategy allowed by the IRS. However, there are certain criteria you must meet to reap the full benefits of [...]

What Is a Real Estate IRA?

Have you ever heard about real estate investing with IRAs? Did you know you can use retirement funds to invest houses, condos, and commercial property to build income? Self-directed IRAs provide owners the Freedom to Invest™ in assets they believe will produce desired returns in their accounts. These plans are not restricted to traditional Wall [...]

Real Estate Investing with 1031 Exchanges: 5 Things to Know

Investing in real estate is quite lucrative when the perfect property is purchased at the right price. Thanks to potential appreciation, investors earn income on the proceeds when the property sells. The downside is that when real estate sells, the seller is subject to capital gains and recaptured depreciation tax. And, these tax levies can [...]

Top 10 Real Estate IRA Questions Answered

Midland IRA is usually asked the same questions about how people can use retirement funds for real estate IRA investing transactions. The objective of self-direction is to invest in what you know best. If you have experience with rentals or rehabbing, for example, you may benefit from investing in these assets using retirement funds. Realtors [...]

What Is a Self-Directed IRA?

Most people understand traditional and Roth IRAs, 401(k)s, and even SEP and SIMPLE plans for small business owners. But, one question we hear frequently is, “What is a self-directed IRA?” The answer is easy: It is a powerful tool individuals use to reach their retirement planning goals. Self-directed plan owners control their funds and the type [...]

1031 Tax-Deferred Exchanges Can Help Build Real Estate Investing Capital

The 1031 Exchange Process Exchanges allow the deferment of capital gains taxes on the sale of property, which can help build real estate investing capital. The taxes saved provide the accumulation of funds to acquire property time and time again. As a result, the 1031 exchange process is a real estate investor’s dream. There is [...]

Older Americans Month Is a Great Time to Explore Self-Directed IRAs

Older Americans Month (OAM) is a nationwide celebration that happens in May every year. Spearheaded by the Administration for Community Living (ACL), the theme this year is Age Out Loud. As a strong advocate of educating Americans on the importance of saving for retirement to solidify successful futures, Midland IRA is happy support OAM. The [...]

IRS Announces 2017 Retirement Plan Contribution Limits: Here’s What You Should Know

The 2017 retirement plan contribution limits have been announced and not much has changed since 2016. Below are the key points about what you need to know in regards to the 2017 retirement plan contribution limits set forth by the IRS. Please note that limits apply to self-directed retirement plans as well as those that [...]

Parking Your Future Retirement Home in Your IRA

What happens when you find your perfect retirement home, but you are not quite ready to retire? Many real estate investors with IRAs have come up with the following solution: Purchase the future retirement home as an investment in their retirement accounts and park it there until they are ready to move in. Let's talk [...]

Even Small Retirement Accounts Can Purchase Investment Property

If your retirement fund is on the small side, do not despair! All investors have to start somewhere. When looking to purchase investment property that costs more than the cash available in your retirement account, your Midland IRA has two key options. Your IRA can  partner funds or take out a non-recourse loan. Option #1: [...]

Investing Tip: Your IRA Can Partner Funds to Acquire Assets

Self-directed IRAs give plan owners control over their retirement funds and the freedom to invest in many diverse alternative investments. Another advantage we see clients of Midland IRA benefit from is the ability to partner funds to acquire assets. This strategy is perfect for those who have limited investing funds in their plans. By partnering [...]

Stocks and Bonds and the Health of Your Retirement Portfolio

Recent reports are somewhat troubling on the relationship between stocks and bonds and the health of your retirement portfolio. Typically, the two asset types offset each other. When the stock market takes a dive, bonds have historically rallied. The perfect mix of stocks and bonds offers protection as gains on bonds somewhat balance out losses [...]

The Difference Between IRA Transfers and Rollovers

If you have an existing retirement plan and want to move those funds into a self-directed account, rest assured you will encounter the words “transfer” and “rollover.”  Many people believe these terms are interchangeable, but they are actually very different.  Each has different tax treatments and rules that you need to know in order to [...]

Investing in Futures and Forex with Your IRA

Creating and funding a futures or foreign exchange trading (forex) account in your self-directed IRA is a relatively simple process. Many clients of Midland IRA choose to use their retirement funds to fund a trading account and build tax-sheltered income on the returns. Below is a list of steps outlining the process of setting up [...]

Investing in Private Mortgages and Notes with Your IRA

Lending funds is one way smart investors earn income. While everyone knows you can personally loan someone money for anything, did you know you can loan money from your IRA in the same manner? Extending private loans and mortgages using a self-directed IRA is a popular way clients of Midland IRA earn income for retirement. [...]

14 Tips for Vacation Rental Property Investments in Your IRA

Rental property is a common asset investors use to make income. Vacation rental property investments have the potential to garner a continuous, tidy monthly sum—if the property is located in a popular locale and is rented out often. These assets are favored by clients of Midland IRA, as self-directed retirement plan funds can be used [...]

Financial Planning and Retirement Savings Early in Life Can Offset Social Security Benefits

Social Security benefits have been a hot topic for years now, and it does not seem like many politicians are taking action. Young professionals growing up these days certainly cannot rely on social security to be a substantial retirement vehicle in our futures. So, the question is: what can we do to change this? One [...]

Naming a Trust vs. Your Spouse as Beneficiary of Your IRA

Naming a beneficiary for your IRA is crucial—especially if you have a spouse or children and don’t want your funds caught up in probate when you pass away. When you open an IRA, you are asked to name a beneficiary, and there are several ways you can do this.  Typically, if you’re married, your first [...]

Rental Property Assets in an IRA

Are you interested in rental property assets? A great way to utilize retirement funds in your retirement plan with Midland IRA is to take advantage of our ability to administer real estate assets such as these. While most plan administrators and custodians do not allow for privately held assets, this is Midland’s niche. And it’s [...]

Angel Investments in a Self-Directed IRA

There has been a lot of interest in venture investing in the past couple of years.  While most traditional VCs and PE firms tend to get involved with growth companies in later stages, angel investments tend to help entrepreneurs in the very early stages of their company’s life.  A lot of entrepreneurs typically start with [...]

Real Estate Investments with Midland IRA & 1031

Real estate investments have long been favored assets to earn income. Whether individuals use these assets to earn personal income or to save for retirement, Midland IRA & 1031 is a powerful resource in helping investors achieve their goals. Real Estate Investing with a Self-Directed IRA Many people believe they are stuck with investing in [...]

Should I 1031 Exchange My IRA-Owned Property?

A 1031 exchange is a transaction that allows you to exchange business or investment-use real estate for another like-kind property without incurring capital gains tax. By completing these transactions, you have the potential to avoid paying these taxes for…well, for forever, provided the transactions are performed correctly and within IRS rules and regulations. A question [...]

Forex Trading for Beginner Investors: What You Need to Know

Lately, there has been much talk about the Brexit and volatility in the forex markets. Even though the financial fallout wasn’t as ominous as initially predicted, many investors see this new environment as a great opportunity to make money trading. Forex trading for beginner investors can be a bit intimidating, but here's what you need [...]

3 Advantages of 1031 Exchanges Besides Tax Savings

Most real estate investors would agree that a 1031 exchange is a valuable tax deferral strategy that allows them to opportunity to roll all of the equity from the sale of a piece of investment real estate into another investment property that better suits their current needs.  What many do not realize is that there [...]

Self-Directed Retirement Plans: For the Do-It-Yourself in Everyone

Self-directed retirement plans give account owners control of their retirement funds and the freedom to make their own investing choices. They are somewhat of a do-it-yourself type of plan and that’s why our clients prefer them. While self-directed plan custodians like Midland IRA do take care of the administrative details, plan owners themselves enjoy finding [...]

Midland IRA’s Online Services: Quick, Easy, and Efficient

Why should you open an account with Midland IRA using our online application? The answer is easy! The process is smooth and simple for our clients who use self-directed IRAs and other plans. When you open an account using Midland IRA’s online services you can now simply go on our website and select “Open an Account” [...]

Music as an Alternative Investment in a Self-Directed IRA

As financial markets become increasingly diversified, so are investors’ portfolios. Alternative investments such as real estate, gold, private lending, crowd funding, etc., are replacing traditional avenues of building wealth for retirement by use of self-directed IRAs. With alternative investments creating a foothold in up and coming markets, there exist a wide variety of assets to choose from. A [...]

How to Submit a Trading Account Withdrawal Using Midland360

If you are looking for a how to guide on submitting a trading account withdrawal, then you have come to the right blog. It doesn't matter who your trading company is, you can submit all withdrawals on your Midland360.com portal! To do so you will login using your email address as your username and the [...]

What if Your Replacement Property is Closing Before the Sale of Your Relinquished Property?

You’ve decided you want to do a 1031 exchange to defer capital gains on the sale of your property, but your replacement property is closing before you can sell your relinquished property. You can’t buy the new property in your name or else it won’t qualify to be exchanged with your current property. What are [...]

Brexit, Global Markets and the Success of Your Retirement Plans

Are you concerned about how the British exit from the European Union might affect your retirement plans? After all, USNews.com stated in a recent article that Bank of America Merrill Lynch reported more than $1 billion was pulled from U.K. equity funds in the week before the vote. In the days following the Brexit vote, [...]

Taxes Everywhere and No Where to Run!

Do you know how many taxes there can be on an investment real estate sale? Depending on the asset type there are as many as five different taxes. Capital gains sales are no longer just 15 percent and investors are seeking ways to avoid taxes on investment real estate sales. The typical transaction includes multiple [...]

Midland IRA Hires a New Intern!

We’ve hired a new intern! DJ Oceant-Kelly has started an internship at Midland IRA on July 11th at our Fort Myers office! DJ will be assisting with marketing during his internship. DJ Oceant-Kelly is originally from the Fort Myers, Florida area where he attended Bishop Verot Catholic High school. Starting there in 2009, DJ was [...]

How to Make IRA Contributions Using the Midland360 Online Portal

Clients of Midland IRA can easily make retirement plan contributions using Midland360 online portal, which gives 24-hour access to their accounts. There are various ways clients can make contributions to their Midland IRA retirement plans.  We would like to take this opportunity to tell you about a stellar feature on your online client portal.  You [...]

How to Request Retirement Plan Distributions Using the Midland360 Portal

Have you ever wondered about how to take a distribution from your account at Midland IRA?  Well if so, you will be delighted to learn the easiest way for you to submit a request for retirement plan distributions using Midland360 online portal. First, log onto your account at Midland360.com Once logged in, you will see [...]

Why 1031 Exchange If I Am Going To Have To Pay Taxes Eventually?

We are frequently asked: why perform a 1031 exchange if I’m going to have to pay taxes at some point? This statement is not entirely true. There are two ways that you can do a 1031 exchange and potentially NEVER pay taxes. With careful planning you could convert your 1031 exchange property to your primary [...]

Vesting and 1031 Exchanges: Same Taxpayer Rule

Vesting and 1031 exchanges requires attention to the same taxpayer rule, which can be tricky if you don't understand it. This article will hopefully clarify the potential and the topic for those interested in exchanges. In order to qualify for tax deferral treatment under Internal Revenue Code § 1031, the taxpayer who is the seller of [...]

Is a Reverse 1031 Exchange Right for Me?

Is some circumstances, you may not meet the requirements for a typical 1031 exchange. Depending on the situation, you may be able to perform a reverse 1031 exchange transaction to defer capital gains taxation on your investments. Read on to discover how it works. You’ve decided you want to do a 1031 exchange to defer [...]

IRA Transfers

A “transfer” is a movement of funds between two IRA’s. These type of transactions do not have to be reported to the IRS. You are allowed to do as many as you would like per year. In order to initiate a transfer from one IRA to another, you must contact the custodian in which you [...]

Traditional IRAs vs. Roth IRAs

Two of the most common self-directed IRAs available are traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs. They are very similar but do have some differences. Traditional IRAs A traditional IRA allows you to contribute money to your retirement account without paying the taxes until you take out a distribution. With a traditional IRA, you must have earned [...]

Top 10 Facts About Self-Directed IRAs

Self-directed IRAs and other plans are popular tools savvy investors use to create diversity by investing in alternative assets to build retirement income. These are the top 10 facts about self-directed IRAs.   Self-directed plans give you the freedom to choose your own investments as well as control of your own retirement funds. Type of [...]

Why Open an Account with Midland IRA?

Why open an account with Midland IRA? To understand that, you need to know the differences between typical retirement plans and self-directed plans. Many banks and brokers will only allow your IRA account to purchase what they sell and make commission on.  Traditionally, this limits you to being allowed to only invest your money in [...]

How to Fund Your Self-Directed IRA

Have you ever wondered how to fund a self-directed IRA? Once the IRA is opened, there are multiple ways to fund the account. A client can do an IRA transfer, a rollover from an old qualified plan (such as a 401(k)), or they can make an annual contribution. Three different ways to fund a self-directed IRA: An annual contribution is [...]

Self-Directed IRA Administration Fees – What Am I Paying For?

There have been several occasions over the years where a client of Midland IRA asks us questions about our self-directed IRA administration fees. In some cases, people question why we charge an administration fee at all. I mean, after all, Charles Schwab and most of the other securities brokerages do free IRA administration. Similarly, local [...]

10 Things to Know About 1031 Exchanges

A 1031 exchange allows you to sell an investment or business-use property for another business or investment use property of equal or greater value deferring capital gains tax, depreciation recapture tax, state taxes, and healthcare tax. Below are 10 things to know about 1031 exchanges. To defer all capital gains, depreciation recapture tax, healthcare tax, [...]

Distributions at Retirement Age Impact Your Income and Taxation Bracket

Are all of your savings for retirement in traditional 401(k)s and individual retirement arrangements (IRAs)?  If so, you could face significant required minimum distributions at retirement age. Keep in mind, these distributions have the potential to bump you into a higher tax bracket. To add tax diversification and flexibility to your portfolio, one must consider [...]

Purchasing Real Estate in Your IRA: The Logistics

How do I buy real estate with my IRA? This is one of the most common questions that Midland IRA is asked. Purchasing real estate in your IRA isn’t that much different from a typical purchase of investment property. There are a few additional steps, but as one of the nation’s leading self-directed plan administrators, [...]

Diversify Retirement Investments with a Real Estate IRA

Today’s interesting real estate market is creating some great opportunities. Even though the housing market is somewhat on the rebound, now is still a great time to invest at historically low prices. Real estate is a great way to diversify retirement investments. Over time, real estate investments have afforded many people the powerful combination of [...]

Midland IRA Live Chat Support!

Midland IRA now has a live chat feature at www.midlandira.com! Do you have a simple question that you don’t want to call in for? Are you having troubles finding a form? Then you’ll love our new chat feature! To start chatting go to our website and click on “live chat” on the left side of [...]

Retirement Plan Contributions Countdown

As Tax Day 2016 looms nearer, savvy investors are adding one more thing to their To-Do list besides completing their taxes. Unless you will be filing an extension, April 18th, 2016 is the due date for all IRA contributions for tax year 2015. Why does this matter? Well, retirement plan contributions are when an individual [...]

Funding a Self-Directed Retirement Plan

Are you interested in funding a self-directed retirement plan? There are four different ways to get your account at Midland IRA funded: personal contribution, transfer of assets, direct rollover, or indirect rollover. Here we will break down each one to help identify how your IRA can be funded. Contribution A contribution is when you fund [...]

Advantages of a 1031 Exchange (Aside from the Tax Benefits)!

Advantages of a 1031 exchange include many things aside from the tax benefits. Investors can consolidate, diversify, move markets, or increase income potential on their current investment property.   Some people choose to do a 1031 exchange to acquire more income. For example, they can exchange vacant land for commercial or residential real estate. The investor is [...]

Partnering to Purchase Investment Real Estate with Your Self-Directed IRA

With the fluctuations in the public markets, a lot of investors are looking for alternatives to place their money in, including their retirement funds.  One of the most popular alternative investments people are turning to is real estate.  A lot of people who are not familiar with the concept are intrigued when they find out [...]

Buyers Beware: Doing Due Diligence on Your Investment!

There has been a lot of talk about fraudulent activity being involved when investing using a self-directed retirement account. Unfortunately, we live in a world that is full of scams and schemes and people attempting identity theft. According to a report in 2011 by the Investment Company Institute, U.S., investors held about $4.7 trillion within [...]

Investing in Oil and Gas using a Self-Directed IRA

Self-directed IRAs have become a popular investment vehicle for investors looking to purchase alternative assets outside of the typical stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Since IRAs were established in 1974, more people are becoming aware of the benefits they have to offer. Unlike a typical IRA or 401(k), a self-directed IRA gives investors the opportunity [...]

1031 Exchanges in 90 Seconds

Watch this short 90 second video to learn about a 1031 exchange!   https://www.midlandira.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Midland-1.mp4

Like-Kind Exchanges Offer Valuable Opportunities for Investors

Here in Southwest Florida location, the majority of the exchanges we facilitate are for taxpayers selling investment property in Northern states, and exchanging into property in the Florida sunshine.  The objective is primarily to rent the property out, and also have the opportunity to enjoy it themselves.  Previously, it had been difficult to determine what [...]

Diversifying Your Retirement Portfolio

“If variety is the spice of life, diversification is the heart and soul of investing.” You hear it on the news, your friends and colleagues talk about it, and just about every class you take when pursuing a business major mentions diversification at least fifty times. Everyone knows how important it is to diversify, but [...]

Submitting Bills Via Our Online Portal

Many of our clients are curious on how to submit bills via our online portal. So here is an easy step-by-step: Log into your Midland360 online portal at https://iraonline.force.com/client/communitylogin Click on Community Home Click on Pay a Bill Choose your desired account from the drop down menu and "Select Account" Select Submit Bill Payment Request [...]

What Do I Do with My Business When I Retire?

This is a difficult, but real question that all business owners must think about and be prepared for. There are really only a few options available for an owner of a business wanting to retire: Sell the business to a third party, to your children, to an employee, or take the business public. Whichever method [...]

AdvantaIRA Trust and Midland IRA Merge

Midland IRA and AdvantaIRA Trust have some big news! Effective January 1, 2016, AdvantaIRA Trust has merged with and become Midland IRA, Inc. Over the last eight years, both companies have been owned and operated by the same owners: AdvantaIRA Trust in Fort Myers and Midland IRA in Chicago. We have decided to merge the [...]

Are Your Affairs in Order?

I read something the other day that really hit home to me, “your life can change in a matter of a split second and we all know the only thing that is constant is change." We need to ask ourselves this very important question: Are my affairs in order? Maybe your life has been good [...]

Financial Advisors Gain Access to Private Equity Using Alternative Investment Platforms

Alternative investment platforms are giving financial advisors access to private-equity investments that typically require large sums of money and a three to five year lock-up period. Private placements are not advertised or purchased on the open market and often consist of accredited and institutional investors. Alternative investment platforms are making it easier for financial advisors [...]

Benefits of a Roth IRA Over a 529 Plan for Educational Savings

Rising tuition rates may make it harder to attend the university of your choice. There are savings accounts available to help with the cost such as 529 plans (qualified tuition programs) and the Coverdell education savings account (ESA). It may seem out of the ordinary to use a retirement account to save for college, but [...]

Married? Double Your IRA Contribution with a Spousal IRA!

Whether you are a stay-at-home parent or just taking some time off from work, that doesn’t mean you should take a break from saving for retirement. Did you know that a non-working spouse can make a tax deductible IRA contribution of up to $6,500 ($5,500 if under age 50)? There are only a few eligibility [...]

Taking on Debt in a Self-Directed IRA

Most people do not realize that an IRA can actually borrow money. IRS regulations require that the debt be “Non-Recourse”. What does that mean you might ask? Non-Recourse debt means that there is no personal guarantee or collateral. Traditional financing has a personal guarantee that allows the lender to “go after” other assets in the [...]

Realtors… How a Self-Directed IRA Can Help You Sell More Real Estate!

Benjamin Franklin once said that “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” When it comes to investing using a self-directed IRA knowledge is key. There are over 7 trillion dollars sitting in IRA funds and most people do not realize that they have the option to use that money to invest in real estate. [...]

The Advantages of Investing with IRA Funds

A self-directed IRA is a retirement plan that allows investors to purchase a wide array of alternative investments aside from stocks, bonds, and mutual funds within a tax sheltered account. All self-directed accounts including Roth, traditional, SEP, Simple, and 401(k) s qualify to purchase non-traditional assets. Some investments that are permissible inside a self-directed IRA [...]

Craft Beer and Self-Directed IRAs, a Match Made in Heaven!

Craft beer is all the rage. Everywhere you look breweries are popping up. It is actually a neat phenomenon. You typically have these younger artisan beer makers who are becoming successful business owners. The brew pubs themselves are at times a work of art. Anyone that visits a brew pub has seen them develop over [...]

Checkbook IRA vs. Real Estate IRA

They are called self-directed IRAs for a reason, because YOU control where to move your money and what to invest it in. There are many different investment possibilities, two of which include “checkbook IRAs” and “Real Estate IRAs”. The direction you decide to go is completely up to you! Most people don’t even realize that [...]

Strategies for Investors with Small Self-Directed Retirement Accounts

A self-directed IRA gives investors freedom to invest in alternative assets tax-free or tax-deferred. Some examples of alternative assets are real estate, promissory notes, private placements, private stock, gold and silver, futures and forex trading, and more. When an investor uses the funds in their self-directed IRA they are enjoying the benefits of a tax-sheltered [...]

What You Cannot Do With Your Self-Directed IRA

There are a lot of investment options when you consider a self-directed IRA. You can invest in real estate, precious metals, futures and forex, LLC’s, private stocks, private lending, among many others. Just like everything else, there are rules that the IRA holder must be familiar with in order to utilize the IRA to its [...]

The Contribution Countdown

As Tax Day 2015 looms nearer, savvy investors are adding one more thing to their To-Do list besides completing their taxes. Unless you will be filing an extension, April 15th, 2015 is also the due date for all IRA contributions for tax year 2014. Why does this matter? Well, IRA contributions are when an individual [...]

Benefits of a Midland IRA Individual K Plan

If you are self-employed or a small business owner then you may want to consider a Midland IRA Individual K Plan. The Midland IRA K is a qualified plan for those who own or run a small business with no employees. One of the key benefits of an Indy K Plan is that a husband [...]

Types of Plans and Investments that Qualify for a Self-Directed IRA

A self-directed IRA is an IRA that gives clients the option to choose their own investments. Typical IRA administrators only allow you to invest in traditional assets such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. With a self-directed IRA you have the freedom to diversify and expand your retirement portfolio. The major benefit is that your [...]

Three Reasons Why You Should Be Investing in Real Estate Using a Self-Directed IRA

Investing in real estate using retirement funds has become one of the most popular investments permitted in a self-directed IRA. There are trillions of dollars in IRA accounts that could potentially be invested in real estate. Self-directed IRAs have many benefits, which is why you should use your retirement funds to purchase your next investment [...]

The Twelve Days of Investing

On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me: A self-directed IRA On the second day of Christmas my true love sent to me: 2 investment properties And a self-directed IRA On the third day of Christmas my true love sent to me: 3 Notes-a-lending 2 investment properties And a self-directed IRA [...]

Options for Funding Real Estate Investments in Your Self-Directed IRA

Real estate is one of the most popular alternative assets permissible in a self-directed IRA. When you purchase real estate in a self-directed IRA you are reaping the benefits of a tax-sheltered account. All income and expenses are tax-deferred or even tax-free. There are many ways to purchase the investment within your IRA. The three [...]

Buyers Beware: Doing Due Diligence on Your Investment!

There has been a lot of talk about fraudulent activity being involved when investing using a self-directed retirement account. Unfortunately, we live in a world that is full of scams and schemes and people attempting identity theft. According to a report in 2011 by the Investment Company Institute, U.S., investors held about $4.7 trillion within [...]

Does My IRA Need to Form a Company (i.e. LLC) to Purchase Assets?

The one investment type that has remained constant among our clients over the years is LLC investments. An LLC is a legal organization that provides the tax advantages of a partnership while limiting the legal liability of the individual partners in the same way a corporation does. LLCs are considered securities in some states and [...]

Who is Considered a Disqualified Person and Who Can Your Self-Directed IRA Partner With?

Sometimes understanding who your IRA can and can’t do business with is confusing. Who is considered a disqualified person? Who can your IRA partner with? What are the differences? This article answers all of those questions and provides a better understanding of the self-directed IRA rules. Self-directed accounts have many benefits, but if not operated [...]

Are You Short of Funds to Purchase Investment Property?

Coming up with funds to purchase a piece of real estate can sometimes be tricky, especially if you can’t qualify for traditional financing. You may need alternative options to purchase that investment property of your choice. What if you find a property you like but you only have enough personal funds to purchase a percent [...]

Strategies to Defer Taxes on Your Investment Property!

Wouldn’t it be nice to not pay taxes on the sale of your investment property? Well you may not have to depending on the strategy you use! You could use your retirement funds to invest in real estate deferring taxes when you sell the property, or you could do a 1031 exchange and defer taxes [...]

Top 10 Reasons Why Every Realtor Should Know About Real Estate in a Self-Directed IRA

It is not an uncommon question for anyone to ask… “What’s in it for me?” or “How am I going to benefit from this?” Realtors always ask, “Why is it important for me to know about owning real estate in an IRA?” The answer to this is quite simple… why wouldn’t you want to learn [...]

REIT Friendly Retirement Accounts – The Freedom to Invest in What You Know Best

While REITs have many benefits for investors, what is not known is that they can be a nice addition to your IRA account. REITs are typically viewed by investors as a superior method to diversify risk and capture better returns in their personal portfolios. Unfortunately, many people are unaware that REITs are also an investment [...]

Forex Trading in Your Self-Directed IRA

Forex is a common abbreviation for, “foreign exchange”. According to a report issued every three years by the Bank of International Settlements, the average daily dollar volume in the Forex market was $5.3 trillion in 2013. Compare this amount to the NASDAQ dollar volume on June 16, 2014 of $57 billion. For an individual investor [...]

The American Retirement Dilemma – Download your Free Retirement Made Easy Guide Today!

“The old retirement strategies of putting all of your savings into the stock market while watching it grow, or getting 5% back on a safe bank CD are unfortunately over. Every American needs to take a proactive approach by getting involved now. We have seen a new type of client, one that is more educated [...]

The Difference Between an IRA Transfer and an IRA Rollover

All of the time we have clients wanting to move funds from other retirement savings accounts to their IRA here at Midland. But most of the time people get confused about whether or not they want to do an IRA rollover or an IRA transfer. So what are the differences between the two? An IRA [...]

Real Estate Investing in Your Self-Directed IRA

The average person has $100K in their self-directed IRA. But most people don’t know that they can use those funds to invest in alternative assets such as real estate. It’s a fairly easy process and we are here to help you along the way. The first step would be to establish an account at Midland [...]

Correcting Excess IRA Contributions

An excess contribution occurs when you put more money into your individual retirement account (IRA) than the law allows. Keep in mind, income from your IRA investments are NOT contributions. IRA contributions are monies added out of your own pocket. If excess contributions are made, they must be removed by the date your tax return [...]

Investment Trend Alert: Crowdfunding with your IRA

Self-directed IRAs open a world of opportunities for all investors. Those who utilize self-directed plans do so to take advantage of investing in a large number of alternative investments besides the traditional stock, bond or mutual fund. Recently, investors have become excited about a fairly new investment trend called crowdfunding. A crowdfund is the newest [...]

Facts Every Investor Needs to Know About a Self-Directed Real Estate IRA

An individual retirement account (IRA) is an excellent investment account individuals use to save for retirement. Self-directed IRAs are plans that give account owners total control in choosing their own investments and further allow these individuals to invest in what they know and understand. Self-directed IRA administrators like Midland IRA provide critical administration for clients [...]

Be Different with your Self-Directed IRA!

Why self-direct your IRA? Why not? Self-directed investors are go getters. They grab life and look for opportunities, why aren’t you maximizing your future? Why are self-directed investors unique? They invest in what they know. They are looking for a wide range of investments, not the same ole stocks and bonds. They want to diversify [...]

Required Minimum Distributions from Non-Liquid Assets

Over the years, there have been several times when a client has been in a perplexing dilemma regarding liquidity of their IRA owned asset and their IRA Required Minimum Distribution (RMD). At age 70.5 (unless it is a Roth IRA), people are supposed to start pulling money out of their IRA and pay taxes on [...]

The Basics

What is a Private Mortgage? Private Mortgages provide investors substantial returns at interest rates that are compounded several times annually. Still, they remain one of the most stable investment vehicles available. How is it possible for one investment vehicle to offer an investor high returns and stability without being too good to be true? Home [...]

Invest in What You Know: LLC and Private Placement IRAs Made Easy

What is a Self-Directed IRA? Many people hear the term “Self-Directed” IRA and think that it is a special type of IRA. However, in reality, the IRS does not recognize a “Self-Directed” IRA as a type of IRA. Any IRA, whether it be a Traditional, Roth, SEP, or SIMPLE IRA can be “Self-Directed”. We use [...]

The Ten Most Important Things to Know About Self-Directed IRAs

Any type of retirement plan can be self-directed - Including Traditional, SEP, SIMPLE, Roth IRAs & Individual (k) Plans A Self-Directed IRA can allow someone to purchase Non-Traditional assets, such as Real Estate, Notes, Private Placements, Gold, and more - Typical IRA custodians only allow for clients to self-direct their investments in what they sell [...]

Diversify Your Retirement Investments with a Real Estate IRA

Today’s interesting real estate market is making for some great opportunities. With the power of IRAs, ALL GAINS INSIDE AN IRA ACCOUNT ARE TAX FREE. What a time to buy at historically low prices and reap the benefits tax free in the future! Why Real Estate IRAs? All of the proceeds from the sale of [...]

Midland IRA Fort Myers Holiday Newsletter

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the suite. Not a client was calling, as they were home off their feet; The investments had been researched and purchased with care, In hopes that high returns soon would be there. Investors were nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of dollar bills danced in [...]

Royal Palm Square Business Owner Coalition Food & Blanket Drive to Benefit Local Veterans

Midland IRA will be hosting a food and blanket drive for Hearts and Homes for Veterans, Inc. As we embark on the holiday season, we want to do what we can to make sure that local veterans have enough to eat. We will be dropping off boxes to each office that wishes to participate. You [...]

Midland IRA Cares About the Community

Midland IRA loves to give back to the community by taking the time to volunteer or donate money to help local non-profits. So for this holiday season, Dave Owens, president of Midland IRA, and the rest of the staff picked five charities that touched their lives in some way. “It’s important for local businesses to [...]

We Are Thankful for You!

During this month of November, we have been reflecting on the things we are most grateful for. Family, friends and health are just some that come to mind but primarily, we are so thankful for our clients and relationships. Midland IRA would be nothing without the amazing people we work with day in and day [...]

In the Know – All About Real Estate IRAs

Are you interested in holding Real Estate in your IRA but just aren’t quite sure where to start? Well, look no further. Here are all the questions and answers you may have when setting up a Real Estate IRA with Midland IRA. What types of property can I purchase with my AdvantaIRA account? You can [...]

Penalty Free Distributions From an IRA

If you are under 59.5 years old, you are probably aware that you cannot take distributions from your IRA without paying a 10% penalty to the IRS for early withdrawal. However, there are situations that would allow for penalty free distributions. Keep in mind, unless it is a Roth IRA, you will still have to [...]

How Do I Invest Thee? Let Me Count the Ways!

Many people have no idea that their retirement account (IRA, 401-k, etc) can invest in many different types of assets, many of which are not allowed by their current custodian. For instance, if you asked your typical custodian to buy real estate, I’d bet that 99% of them would tell you no. The problem isn’t [...]

Choosing the Right Self-Directed IRA Administrator

Self-Direction is a very unique industry. A specialist will be required to handle your IRA account. As secure retirement becomes increasingly challenging, some investors want to learn about and take advantage of a wider range of investment options to attain their goals. Our office is staffed with well-trained IRA professionals ready to assist you and [...]

Paying IRA Expenses Just Got Easier!

Midland IRA Proudly Announces Online Bill Pay! Midland IRA has numerous clients that own real estate and other assets with regular expenses in their IRA. Some clients only have a few bills a year, while others have several bills every week! We are always listening to our clients' feedback, trying to find ways to make [...]

World of Opportunities with a Self-Directed IRA

Do you want to open a world of opportunities that allow you to regulate the security of your retirement account? Do you want to invest in things you know, understand, and control? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then a Self-Directed IRA is the perfect investment tool for you! There are countless [...]

Checkbook IRA vs. Real Estate IRA

They are called self-directed IRAs for a reason, because YOU control where to move your money and what to invest it in. There are many different investment possibilities, two of which include “checkbook IRAs” and “Real Estate IRAs”. The direction you decide to go is completely up to you! Most people don’t even realize that [...]

Join the Fort Myers Freedom Real Estate Club on Meetup

Midland IRA created a Freedom Real Estate Club on Meetup and we would like you to be a part of it! What we’re about: Real Estate Buying & Investing · Investing Self Directed · 1031 Real Estate Exchange · Tax Free Real Estate Investing · Real Estate Investors · Real Estate Investing We always post [...]

Why Go Tax Free?

Stores may have a weekend of tax free shopping but you could go tax free every day if you had a Self-Directed IRA! If you invest in real estate or trade in the stock market, chances are you are paying capital gains taxes associated with these investments that could possibly be avoided. Short-term capital gains [...]

Midland IRA Nominated as a Finalist for Best Financial Firm

Gulfshore Business magazine held their first annual “Best of Business” contest where the readers were able to be the judges. There were 44 categories ranging from best accounting firm, to best caterer. Midland IRA was selected as first runner up for “Best Financial Firm of 2013!” According to Gulfshore Business nearly 4000 votes were received. [...]

Money-Saving Back to School Shopping Tips

Someone sent me an email with some excellent back to school planning tips for parents. As someone with school kids there are some great ideas below. We hope it helps. Without a plan, back-to-school shopping can become an expensive hassle. Here is a checklist that will help keep your family on time, on task, and [...]

Midland IRA Fort Myers Quarterly Newsletter for October

It's Fall in Florida! It’s that time again, folks! As others start to bundle up, we are still hitting the beach but that wont stop us from partaking in the fall festivities! Pumpkin carving, creating those neat arts and craft turkeys with your hand, and who can forget all the scrumptious food! As you gear [...]

Simplify Your Business Retirement Plan

Are you a small business owner struggling to provide retirement benefits to your employees at a cost which makes sense to your business? Good news… it’s SIMPLE. If you have less than 100 employees in your business, you are eligible to establish a SIMPLE IRA for yourself and your employees without incurring the high costs [...]

Alternative Asset Article is a Little Off Base

Last week the Wall Street Journal published an article saying “Tax Court Slaps down IRAs Holding Alternative Assets”. While technically that was true, it was a very unique circumstance and did not apply to most of the hundreds of thousands of IRA owners that hold alternative assets. The case revolved around two IRAs that held [...]

Midland Fort Myers Spring Newsletter

The wait is over! Your quarterly newsletter is ready for your viewing pleasure. There are many great articles and helpful topics that we think are very relevant to a lot of our clients. We also have a list of all upcoming events so please be sure to check those out. There are several links throughout [...]

Married? Double Your IRA Contribution with a Spousal IRA

Whether you are a stay-at-home Mom/Dad or just taking some time off from work, doesn’t mean you should take a break from saving for retirement. Did you know that a non-working spouse can make a tax deductible IRA contribution of up to $6,500 ($5,500 if under age 50) for 2013? There are only a few [...]

Unrelated Business Income Tax

One of the most complicated areas of self-directed IRAs is Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT). It is commonly called UBIT. In certain situations, an IRA can owe taxes. UBIT will apply to specific types of accounts: Traditional IRAs, Roth, Simple, SEP and Educational Savings Plans (ESA). UBIT will not apply to 401(k) plans. It is [...]

How Long Do I Need to Hold 1031 Property Before I Can Sell?

Now that the sales of Real Estate have ticked up, the question becomes can I 1031 Exchange new properties held less than one year? The big question the IRS asks is intent. What was your intent with the property and do you intend to make this a long term hold? Unfortunately for us, the IRS [...]

Creative Real Estate IRA Transactions

Recently I was assisting a new client with his new self-directed IRA. Our client wanted to purchase a piece of real estate with his new Midland self-directed IRA. He was funding his new account by transferring 3 different IRAs into his Midland IRA. As I continued to discuss our client's account and upcoming transaction he [...]

1031 Exchanges for Farmers: Livestock and Equipment

Many farmers do not realize the enormous benefit that a 1031 Exchange can afford them. 1031 is the tax code section that allows owners of investment or business assets to exchange (and buy up in value) which will result in a deferral of all taxes. Farmers and Ranchers can exchange land as long as the [...]

1031 Exchanges for Farms (Farmland) and Ranches

With the recent increase in land prices for farmers and ranchers, a 1031 exchange can be a tremendous tax savings opportunity. The current increase in the capital gains rates to 20% plus the healthcare tax of 3.8% will warrant prudent tax planning by today’s family farm. A 1031 exchange allows for real property held for [...]

Top 10 Real Estate Dos and Don’ts

DO purchase real estate for investment purposes. Adding real estate to your retirement plan is a great way to diversify your portfolio, however you must keep in mind that it must be for investment purposes only. This means you are not able to live in it personally or use it as a vacation home. The [...]