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Tips to Handle Your Inheritance

Baby Boomers are currently the wealthiest generation in history. But going forward, the Gen-Xers and Millennials are likely to inherit that crown. Studies have shown that birthrates and the number of children per family have gone down drastically over the last few decades. Fewer children mean inheritances being concentrated and passed down to fewer individuals. […]

Utilizing Non-Recourse Loans in Your Self-Directed Retirement Plan

Self-Directed retirement plans grant investors access to a vast number of investment opportunities. Something that investors may not be aware of, though, is the self-directed account’s ability to leverage investments using non-recourse loans. In this article, we will discuss the definition, benefits, and specifics of non-recourse loans as they pertain to self-directed retirement plans.   […]

Foreign Investing in an IRA

Diversification is the key to investment success. If your current portfolio holds a variety of publicly traded securities, you can further diversify by adding self-directed assets such as real estate and private placements to the mix. You can take that diversification even further by investing in a combination of domestic and foreign investments in an […]

Helping Your Child Build Wealth

Budgeting, managing debt, saving for big purchases (such as a house or car), and saving for retirement are part of the many things not taught in high school or college. Managing money and preparing for retirement may be rude awakenings at some point in a young adult’s life. But with a little help, there are […]

Changes to Inherited IRAs in 2020

When the time comes for a beneficiary to take over the assets of their loved one’s IRA, one of the options is to open an Inherited IRA or Beneficiary IRA. This plan allows the beneficiary to continue the tax-sheltered status of the assets and cash they’ve just inherited.   A FEW KEY ITEMS TO CONSIDER: […]

3 Last-Minute Ways to Reduce Taxes

With the tax deadline extended to Wednesday, July 15th, you still have time to reduce your tax bill. Here are three simple tips to help. 1. CONTRIBUTE TO AN IRA You have until July 15th this year to make Traditional or Roth contributions for 2019.  IRA contributions can be made to a Traditional or Roth […]

Investing in Space

Could space be the next stock boom? Investing in space carries substantial risks and rewards as the industry is relatively new and in exploration stages. With SpaceX’s recent successful launch of the Crew Dragon, we grow closer to living in a world with space tourism, off-world mining, or even colonization on Mars. Investing in the […]

How to Invest in Gold and Silver in an IRA

Most financial professionals across the globe agree that asset diversification can be a key to success.  A self-directed IRA can buy gold and silver coins or bars as long as the purchased metals meet the IRS requirements.  Some benefits of holding gold and silver in an IRA are… They are tangible assets They allow for […]


I learned about investing when my father introduced me to his brokerage account at a young age. It was through him that I learned what stocks were and grasped a general idea of how the stock market works. He set up a custodial account for me (as I was under the age of 18) and […]

We Are Midland – Our Values, Goals, and Mission

WHO WE ARE At Midland Trust, we want to tell you who we are and that you, our clients, are important to us. OUR VALUES & GOALS Human Capital Investment We invest in the growth and development of each employee because we realize their value to Midland. We respect and value every employee and our […]