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Investing in Space

Could space be the next stock boom? Investing in space carries substantial risks and rewards as the industry is relatively new and in exploration stages. With SpaceX’s recent successful launch of the Crew Dragon, we grow closer to living in a world with space tourism, off-world mining, or even colonization on Mars. Investing in the […]

How to Invest in Gold and Silver in an IRA

Most financial professionals across the globe agree that asset diversification can be a key to success.  A self-directed IRA can buy gold and silver coins or bars as long as the purchased metals meet the IRS requirements.  Some benefits of holding gold and silver in an IRA are… They are tangible assets They allow for […]


I learned about investing when my father introduced me to his brokerage account at a young age. It was through him that I learned what stocks were and grasped a general idea of how the stock market works. He set up a custodial account for me (as I was under the age of 18) and […]

We Are Midland – Our Values, Goals, and Mission

WHO WE ARE At Midland Trust, we want to tell you who we are and that you, our clients, are important to us. OUR VALUES & GOALS Human Capital Investment We invest in the growth and development of each employee because we realize their value to Midland. We respect and value every employee and our […]


With the uncertainty and ever-changing nature of the stock market, commodities trading has become much more attractive. Trading commodities in IRAs has been allowed since they were established in 1974 and there are some real benefits to both the investor and futures professionals. At Midland, we’re making it our goal to educate about alternative investments […]

IRA Investment Scams and Fraud Prevention

With the Pandemic of 2020, there have and will be significant changes in our lives. These changes create opportunities, both good and bad for investments. Now is the time, more than ever, to be on the lookout for scams and other untrustworthy fraudsters. This article will help with IRA investment scams and fraud prevention. Do […]

Top 7 RMD Changes With the CARES Act

With turning 72 (or 70 1/2 prior to December 31, 2019), you’re normally required to make annual distributions from your 401(k), IRA, or other tax-advantaged retirement accounts (excluding Roth IRAs). If you fail to take a required distribution, you’re taxed heavily (50%) on the amount you were required to withdraw. Thanks to the CARES Act, […]

Ideas for Finding Real Estate Investments for Your IRA

So you want to purchase real estate in your IRA account? Most people do not even know that you can do this. Yes, you can, and for the right person, it can be an excellent investment. Why buy real estate in your retirement account? I would say there are three reasons. First, diversification away from […]

Loan Money Like a Bank

Wouldn’t it be nice to be a bank and lend money out for a 30-year mortgage at a fixed rate of return secured by the property itself? While there are many steps and hurdles to become a bank before you can begin accepting other people’s deposits into a checking or savings account, there is nothing […]

A Big Unknown Secret From Uncle Sam

With the removal of stretch IRAs from the SECURE ACT passed this year, Inherited IRAs by non-spouses now need to be fully liquidated within 10 years. This can accelerate the amount paid in taxes on Inherited IRAs or, in the case of Inherited Roth IRAs, take away the tax-deferred status at a quicker rate. Originally, […]