Midland provides administration for retirement plans invested in alternatives, such as real estate, private equity, precious metals, futures/forex, and much more! We serve in the niche market of self-directed retirement accounts. We are an established firm and have been working with private investors for over 20 years. Our clients bring us their investment knowledge and we provide the administration of it within their retirement account. We are not wealth advisors or fiduciaries.  We serve our clients in a responsive manner, we pursue efficiency by developing our own technology platforms, we accurately maintain privacy and records for our clients and we constantly educate those interested in self-directed retirement accounts and 1031 exchanges. As people continue looking for diversification and tax savings, our business grows and responds.



We hire the best people. We hire people who are reliable, respectful, bright, and hungry. 

We work hard together. We have a company goal that says Trust and Respect One Another Without Reservation, and we aim for that every single day.

We play kickball and volleyball together. We eat lunch together. We go to social events, baseball games, and other outings together. We have been known to throw an ax or two. 

We also volunteer together. We help in all three cities where we have offices, making a difference in the lives of people who live in our communities as well as the environment.

What do we believe? People. Make. Midland.

Current Open Positions

Employment opportunities exist at Midland in various positions including those which are client-facing like sales and service as well as behind-the-scenes team members who work in the areas of business services, technology, accounting, and compliance.

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Other inquiries may be directed to our HR department at [email protected].

What Makes Midland