Creating a Strategic Partnership With Midland

Creating a Strategic Partnership with Midland

Raising capital can be a daunting task that involves many phone calls, networking, and paperwork. Not to mention a good portion of the population may not even be qualified, as some investments require them to be accredited investors. This is often the case with hedge funds, real estate syndications, and private equity funds. Learn how a strategic partnership with Midland helps!

Raise Funds More Quickly By Asking One, Simple Question

DO YOU HAVE RETIREMENT FUNDS?” Many accredited investors and investment sponsors are unaware that retirement funds can be used for investments in hedge funds, real estate syndications, and private equity funds. This can be a win-win for both parties as it may help investment sponsors raise capital more quickly. To the investor, this may be a delightful surprise as retirement funds in a 401k, IRA, HSA and ESA have tax advantages and allow gains from the investment to grow tax-deferred. If the retirement funds are in a Roth IRA or Roth 401k, they may not have to pay taxes at all on gains from their investment!

Just to give you an idea of how much capital is available in retirement funds, see the below charts:

Fidelity 401(k) millionaires by quarter.
Quarterly retirement market assets (in trillions).
Yearly Health Savings Account assets (in billions).

How Partnering With Midland Simplifies the Investment Process

If they are an accredited investor and answer yes to the question “DO YOU HAVE RETIREMENT FUNDS?”, send them to Midland and we will assist with the movement of funds and funding the investment.

Investing in alternative assets such as a hedge fund, a real estate syndication, or a private equity fund using retirement money does require more paperwork. There needs to be proper record keeping of the movement of funds and proper titling of the investment in order for the investment to be allowed in a tax-deferred account. This is where Midland comes in and simplifies the process for investors and investment sponsors. For Limited Partnerships, LLCs, and private stock offerings, Midland’s OnePath Tool can streamline the investment process. An investment can setup OnePath to get a custom link to send to their investors. Midland’s OnePath allows new account holders to complete the investment documents all in one, online setting. OnePath speeds up and simplifies the new account process and best of all, it’s free of charge to get your investment setup.

Upon setup of the Midland account, the investment sponsor and clients will be assigned a dedicated representative at Midland to work with. The dedicated representative establishes a personal relationship with the investor. Most investors prefer having a dedicated representative over calling a 1-800 number and speaking to a different representative every time. We have a full team of highly trained specialists able to assist with retirement funds. We pride ourselves on being one of the most responsive IRA custodians in the industry and look forward to helping you or your clients with starting a private investment in a retirement plan today.

For questions or more information about creating a strategic partnership with Midland, contact us by calling (239) 333-1032, or visit