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Benefits for Investment Advisors and Financial Planners Working With Midland

Midland Streamlines the Process

Investment advisors and financial planners are turning to alternative assets to help clients truly diversify their retirement portfolios. Individuals who want a hands-on approach to growing their retirement enjoy the advantages of using self-directed accounts.

Retirement accounts at Midland hold a large range of alternative assets. These include real estate, notes, hedge funds, and private equity offerings.

Midland is adept at streamlining the process for portfolio diversification. We provide exceptional services to investment advisors, financial planners, and investors. Clients and/or their advisors choose the alternative investments for the self-directed account.


Consolidate Your Accounts

Midland provides custody solutions for both IRA and taxable accounts. We also hold Individual, Trust, and Joint custodial accounts. These accounts allow you to consolidate your business and ease the process of managing and reporting to clients.

Midland is an Investing Solutions Ally

Most IRA administrators only allow investments in products they sell, although some make special accommodations for high net-worth clients. However, the transactions are usually slow and cumbersome due to the lack of experience in alternative assets.

Midland does not sell investments. We do not limit investment options in the accounts we serve other than the limitations the IRS imposes on IRAs. For example, life insurance or collectibles are not permissible assets.

Working With Midland

Working with Midland

Midland understands that your clients are the most important aspect of your business. Therefore, Midland works with your clients as you deem necessary. We are happy to handle communication and paperwork directly with the client. If you prefer to do most of the communication yourself, Midland can limit communication to the required security protocol.

Benefits for Investment Advisors and Financial Planners Working With Midland

  • One-on-one personal assistance
  • Aggregated online account access (one login for an advisor shows all client activity)
  • Simple transaction processing (including many electronic submission options)
  • Unprecedented speed (funding within 24-hours of receipt of required approved documents)
  • Alternative investment education. Midland has over ten, certified IRA specialists. These specialists know the ins-and-outs of processes and regulations
  • Competitive fees for clients with accounts at Midland

Easy Investment Process

    Direct the Investment - Private Placement

    Open a Midland account by completing our online application (typically takes around 15 minutes).

    Fund the Account

    Fund the account via transfer, rollover, or contribution.

    Asset Review Process

    Complete the appropriate form for the asset in which they wish to invest.

Do You Have Non-IRA Clients Invested in Alternative Assets?

Midland offers custodial account options to serve those clients’ needs. A custodial account is an investment account for taxable money. This money can include personal savings, corporate savings, or trust funds. Custodial accounts allow investors to buy and sell alternative investments not traditionally offered by other custodians.

Benefits of a Custodial Accounts for Your Clients

  • Acts as a home for your taxable money to efficiently allocate to alternative investments.
  • Provides the tools to bring your investment online and process paperwork electronically.
  • Allows for flexibility and tax diversification.
  • Manages cash.
  • Generates a historical database of all account activity and investment performance.
  • Safekeeps investment documents.
  • Prevents annual limits for how much individuals can save.
  • Prevents IRS withdrawal restrictions or early distribution penalties for withdrawing before age 59½.
  • Withdrawals are only taxed on the gains of the investments rather than the entire withdrawal amount (like Traditional IRAs or nonqualified withdrawals from Roth IRAs). Long term gains on taxable accounts are taxed at a rate of 15%.
  • Joint accounts have rights of survivorship (JTWROS). This grants ownership of the account assets to the surviving individuals when a joint account holder passes.

Types of Alternative Investments

Midland allows all types of alternative investments, including:


Types of Taxable Accounts Offered at Midland

  • Individual
  • Trust
  • Joint
    • Joint Tenants with Rights of Survivorship: All account owned assets are transferred from the deceased account holder to the surviving account holder.
    • Tenants in Common: Account owned assets are transferred to the deceased accountholder’s designated beneficiary(ies).
    • Tenants by Entirety: Only in allowable states. Any change in ownership of assets of one account holder requires the consent of both account holders. All account owned assets are transferred from the deceased account holder to the surviving account holder.