Investment Sponsors

Midland IRA as a Strategic Service Provider

Since 2002, Midland IRA has specialized in providing custody solutions for investment sponsors and fund managers seeking additional sources of capital. That capital can be found in the $8.2 trillion held in individual retirement accounts.

Retirement plans at Midland permit a broad range of alternative assets, such as real estate syndications, hedge funds, venture capital and private equity offerings. Midland is not a fiduciary, and does not give investment, legal or tax advice. But, we do provide exceptional, trusted service that is paramount to fund managers and their investors.

Our process is simple and our staff are experts in industry regulations that govern self-directed retirement plans. We have perfected a seamless process that makes it easy for investors to diversify a portion of their portfolio into private funds.

Benefits for Investment Sponsors

  • Access to the trillions of dollars within retirement funds (IRAs, 401(k)s, pension plans, etc.) to reach your fundraising goals
  • A turn-key custody solution for alternative assets in retirement accounts
  • A robust online portal where investment sponsors can track progress of client purchases, update asset valuations, and export reports
  • A dedicated account manager to facilitate your clients’ transactions
  • Quick turnaround times to expedite placement into private offerings

Benefits for Your Investors

  • Your clients achieve diversity in their retirement portfolio through private holdings not typically accessible with traditional custodians
  • Competitive, flat asset-based fees which do not encumber higher net worth investors
  • Efficient use of technology, incorporating electronic signatures for document approval and processing
  • 24 Hour Access to their account using our Midland360 online portal

Hedge Funds | Private Equity and Debt | Real Estate Funds

The Process

Step 1: Asset Review Process

Once an investment is identified, Midland reviews the asset before accepting custody. We do not evaluate, perform due diligence or any other assessments on the asset or the sponsor. Our asset review is performed solely to determine that Midland can meet our obligations and administrative responsibilities of the investment.

Step 2: Open and Fund the Midland Account

Open a Midland IRA account by completing our online application. Investor must supply pen-signed documents, a copy of their driver’s license, and a copy of their account statement. Then fund the account via IRA to IRA transfer, rollover, or contribution by completing the appropriate form found here.

Step 3: Complete Investment Paperwork

Subscription Agreement presented in turn-key electronic package via Docusign with purchase authorization form. Investor must review, then click to sign. Once Midland receives receipt of retirement funds and investor approved subscription documents, the investor is placed into their fund.

The Timeline

Asset Review Process

This step typically takes 1-2 days.

Open a Midland Account

Account setup can be done quickly online – 15 minutes.

Fund The Account

The transfer/rollover process typically takes about 2 weeks.

Review & Sign Subscription Agreement

Investments can be executed next-day from receipt of executed investment docs & available cash (assuming 7 day right of rescission has passed).