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Always looking to deliver the best possible client experience, Midland has leveraged technology with our online application and DocuSign-enabled investment process. With our new OnePath technology, Midland marries these two processes into one, link-based application. We’ve consolidated a multi-step exercise into one streamlined experience. This means faster funding and less steps for investment managers and their investors.

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How Midland OnePath Works

Fund managers only provide investment documentation once through this link. After your investment is on OnePath, we provide you with a vanity URL to send to your investors. Using that OnePath link, investors can open a retirement account, initiate the movement of their funds, and authorize an investment into the fund after inputting their personal information just once. OnePath technology populates investment documents based on a fund’s unique details and the personal information entered by the investor. The investor electronically signs the documents and approves the investment. Fund managers can then track investor progress using their own Midland OnePath access so you always know where investors are at in the Midland process.

FAQs on Midland OnePath

How do I set up my investment offering on the OnePath portal?

Provide us the offering documents and complete a brief Midland questionnaire online. Within 2-3 business days you’ll receive a link unique to that offering. You set up each offering only once.

If I have an investor that is ready to invest using their old 401(k) or IRA, how do I get them set up?

Provide the investor your offerings’ unique OnePath link. They can also contact Midland for personal assistance.

How long does the investment process take using OnePath?

The IRA is set up immediately upon completion of the online link. Midland also is able to sign subscription documents with the IRA listed as the investor and email them for immediate review. Upon receipt of certified funds in the Midland IRA, we can wire them to you for the investment the next business day.

What if our investment documents change or our share price changes?

It is important to notify Midland immediately when new versions of your investment documents become available, there are changes in share prices, or if a bank account changes. Because OnePath completes this information for new investors, it’s mandatory Midland be provided with the latest updates regarding the investment in order to stay accurate.

Raising capital has never been easier when you use retirement accounts. Raising capital is hard work but we’ve worked with enough firms doing it that we’ve learned some important lessons. Our Capital Raise Guide shares those lessons with you along with the benefits of sourcing IRA funds, the types of IRA accounts that an investor can use, and the benefits of using Midland as your only custodian.

To make it even easier, we’ve included some marketing language you can cut and paste to use in your efforts, an outline of our process so that you know what’s involved for you and your investors and common investor mistakes that we see every day.