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Midland requires this information form to be completed prior to onboarding IRA investors. This document helps our office better understand the nature and expectations for the investment in order to determine administrative feasibility while also tailoring our personal service to provide an excellent customer experience. Midland does not perform due diligence on any investment offering. We do not need performance reporting or audited financials, and Midland does not review for investment viability or suitability.

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Raising capital has never been easier when you use retirement accounts. Raising capital is hard work but we’ve worked with enough firms doing it that we’ve learned some important lessons. Our Capital Raise Guide shares those lessons with you along with the benefits of sourcing IRA funds, the types of IRA accounts that an investor can use, and the benefits of using Midland as your only custodian.

To make it even easier, we’ve included some marketing language you can cut and paste to use in your efforts, an outline of our process so that you know what’s involved for you and your investors and common investor mistakes that we see every day.