Are You Getting the Most of Your Midland Client Portal?

Are You Getting the Most Of Your Client Portal

As a self-directed IRA custodian, Midland is all about putting the tools for financial freedom in your hands. Your Midland Client Portal is just one of those tools! Make sure you are getting the most out of your self-direction journey with these 5 portal highlights.

1. Initiate New Transactions

Are you looking to make a new investment? Send additional money to an asset you already hold in your IRA? What about requesting a distribution or bill payment?  All of these requests (and more!) can be initiated through your Midland Client Portal. Simply log in, and click on the transaction type you are looking for under the Quick Links section of your Home page.

2. Receiving Rental or Note Income? Invite Payers to Your Online Payment Portal!

Tired of waiting for your rent or note payment to be mailed to Midland and wondering if and when it was delivered? Renters and borrowers can now make payments online through our Payment Portal. From the Home page, go to the Account Details tab and under Account Asset Holdings select Invite Payer from the drop-down menu next to the desired property.  Your payer will then receive an invitation to establish login credentials and will be able to set up one-time and recurring payments directly to your IRA.

3. Skip the Form – Update Your Fair Market Valuation Online

It’s that time of year again!  Midland sent requests for end-of-year values for assets held in your IRA at the end of December. Skip the paper form and update your value through your Midland Client Portal.
From the Home page, go to the Account Details tab and under Account Asset Holdings select Update Value from the drop-down menu next to the applicable asset.

4. View Your Quarterly Statements and Tax Forms

Did you know that Midland uploads statements to your portal every quarter? View and download your statements by going to the Documents tab of your Midland Client Portal.  Midland will also upload any applicable tax forms as they are generated (1099-R or 5498).

5. Review and Update Your Billing Preferences

Are your Midland administrative fees set to be charged to a credit card? Has your credit card expired (or is it close to expiring)? You can update your billing preferences in the Billing section of your Client Portal. Just click on the Billing link located in the upper right-hand corner of the Home page. 

In addition to updating your credit card information, you can also change your preferred billing method, as well as pay any Midland administrative fees that are currently due on your account.

Learn More About What Your Midland Client Portal Can Do For You

While the above five items are all great ways to utilize your Midland Client Portal, there are many other features and benefits not mentioned. Go to to sign in to your Midland Client Portal to see what other tools are available!