How to Buy Stocks and Bonds in an IRA

Investing in Stocks and Bonds is Easy!

While Midland specializes in alternative investments, we understand that true retirement account diversification can include a mix of self-directed assets and publicly traded securities.  This is why Midland has established a relationship with TD Ameritrade to allow you the ability to invest in publicly traded securities under the umbrella of your Midland account.  By opening a Midland-TD Ameritrade brokerage account, you give yourself the power of ultimate diversification. 

Brokerage Account FAQs

Midland Trust Company will serve as the custodian of your retirement account, providing all of the tax reporting and recordkeeping services. TD Ameritrade will serve as the broker, allowing you to buy/sell securities on their platform.

The account is held in the name of your Midland account. For example, Midland Trust Company as Custodian FBO (your name) (Midland account #)

Opening a TD Ameritrade brokerage account in the name of your Midland IRA allows you to consolidate all your assets into one IRA, versus having multiple IRA accounts with different custodians.

It can also shorten the timeframe for getting cash into your Midland account. While custodial transfers take 2 weeks on average, liquidating funds from your Midland-TD Ameritrade brokerage account can typically be done within 5 business days.

Midland submits your account application within one business day of receipt. From there, account opening typically takes between 3-5 business days.

Funds will be reflected in your Midland-TD Ameritrade brokerage account within 2 business days from when we initiate the wire to TD Ameritrade.

Midland will work with TD Ameritrade to get your year-end account value. You can also upload a copy of your TD Ameritrade statement at any time on your Midland Client Portal.

While Midland and TD Ameritrade are able to work together to offer these accounts, Midland and TD Ameritrade’s systems do not sync with each other.  The valuation you see listed on your Midland portal can be because of one of the following:  1)  It is the year-end value we received from TD Ameritrade, 2)  It is the last known value based on the last statement or update received from you as the account owner, or 3)  It is the amount that initially funded the trading account.

Yes! You will just need to complete two Midland-TD Ameritrade brokerage account applications to establish two separate trading accounts.

TD Ameritrade has a dedicated team that will be able to assist you with whatever questions you may have specific to the TD Ameritrade platform. They can be reached at (866) 766-4015.

Once your account has been opened, TD Ameritrade will mail you a confirmation letter to the address on file. This letter will provide you with instructions on logging into your TD Ameritrade online account.

Yes, can download the TD Ameritrade application to be able to trade from your smartphone.

Because your Midland IRA is the owner of the Midland-TD Ameritrade brokerage account, all funds to and from the account must first flow through Midland. Contact us for further details on this process.

Midland charges the following fees for the Midland-TD Ameritrade brokerage account:

  • $100 annual asset fee
  • $50 transaction fee to send money to the brokerage account (wire fee included)

TD Ameritrade may also charge fees based on transaction activity. Please contact Midland or TD Ameritrade for more information.