Self-directed IRAs allow you the ability to free yourself from the mainstream limitations of typical stocks, bonds, or mutual funds and acquire assets that can do just as well, if not better, than traditional investments. The fact is alternative investment options are themselves nearly limitless, provided you don’t invest in life insurance contracts and collectibles.

While the most popular asset held in a self-directed plan is real estate, there are many other alternative investment options you can choose to use to build retirement income.

Examples include:

Accounts receivable
Commercial paper
Oil and gas options
Mineral rights
Equipment leasing
Structured settlements
Building bonds
Limited partnerships
Rights or warrants
Tax lien certificates & deeds

The key is to invest in what you know and understand, to capitalize on your own knowledge and expertise when choosing assets for your retirement plan. The above are just a few popular examples of different options available. However, there are nearly unlimited possibilities when you take control of your own investing decisions. The only assets not allowed in self-directed plans are life insurance contracts and collectibles, as specified by the IRS.

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How You Can Invest in Oil & Gas Assets With a Self-Directed IRA

  • Invest in land being explored for these options
  • Invest in mineral rights of land being explored
  • Purchase interests in oil and gas refineries and/or drilling companies
  • Acquire commodities and/or futures contracts

Before You Invest

  • Research the investment options thoroughly to avoid fraud
  • Understand the benefits and risks of these assets
  • Consult with financial, accounting, and industry professionals when making investment decisions

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