Midland Trust Supports Chicago Police

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Midland Trust is proud to support the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation.

Bulletproof vests worn by police officers need to be replaced every five years. And, if a bullet pierces a vest, it is automatically unusable. These vests are expensive, and many officers must buy their vests and other equipment. That’s why the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation created Get Behind the Vest. This program ensures that every police officer is protected.

In memory of Officer Ella French, who died in the line of duty recently protecting Chicago, Midland donated over $1,000 to Get Behind the Vest. In the past Midland has supported this great organization with donations of over $5,000.

We should never forget the relentless and never-ending service that our police departments give on our behalf. We must continue to support our police with the day-to-day difficulties they face to protect us. Midland cannot thank Officer French for her contributions in person, but we can continue to honor her memory and dedication to the job. We hope to move forward towards finding ways to get along and live in peace.

Help Support Chicago Police

If you would like to donate to Get Behind the Vest, visit their donation site.

Since 2004, the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation has strengthened the relationship between the police department and its citizens. It provides financial, emotional, and psychological support to families of fallen and injured Chicago police officers.

Midland Serves

Midland Serves is Midland Trust’s charitable committee. We donate time and money to charitable causes in each of the three cities in which we are located. Our staff donates personal funds each paycheck and volunteers their time to ensure our communities are supported. Midland Serves has supported the Chicago Police Department for years. Chicago is one of our three locations in which we provide community support. To learn more about our charitable donations, visit Midland Serves.

Dave Owens, President of Midland Trust Company

Written by Dave Owens

President of Midland Trust Company