Submiting Bill Payments Using Midland360

  • Log into your MidlandIRA online portal
  • Click on Community Home
  • Click on Pay a Bill
  • Choose your desired account from the drop down menu
  • Select Account
  • Select Submit Bill Payment Request
  • Select desired asset from drop down menu “Related Asset”
    • Bill Payment Type 
    • Bill Payment is for general bill pay requests
    • Real Estate Tax Payment is for tax payments
  • Choose appropriate Expense Type
  • Add dollar amount to Amount field
    • (make sure this does not exceed “Available Cash” amount, to the right of the account field)
  • Choose desired Delivery Method
    • To will be who the check is made out to
    • C/O is care of, and can be left blank unless sent to someone other than who the check is made out to
    • Enter Mailing Street
    • Enter Mailing State
    • Enter Mailing Zip
    • Enter Payment Memo, include a unique identified so the receiving entity can properly distinguish who the check is coming from and what the check is for. (ex invoice #, account #, or reference #)


Send any inquiries to, or call 239.333.1032.