What Is a Real Estate IRA?

What Is a Real Estate IRA

Have you ever heard about real estate investing with IRAs? Did you know you can use retirement funds to invest houses, condos, and commercial property to build income?

Self-directed IRAs provide owners the Freedom to Invest™ in assets they believe will produce desired returns in their accounts. These plans are not restricted to traditional Wall Street assets, such as stocks, mutual funds, or bonds. Instead of relying on brokers or custodians, plan owners choose their own investments. And, they can choose those assets from an incredibly large class of alternatives. Real estate is the most popular alternative asset because of the diversity the industry presents. Hence the name “real estate IRA.”

Real estate IRAs allow individuals to use their own knowledge and expertise when making investment choices.

People familiar with tax liens and deeds, residential or rental property feel comfortable investing in those assets. Renovations and commercial property are other options in addition to foreign property, improved and unimproved land. There are many other real estate investments permissible in IRAs. So, if you want to learn about other possibilities—you certainly can. Once you feel comfortable, you can begin adding additional assets to your plan.

Realtors can use their experience to find and invest in property to build income in their own retirement accounts.

They can also help connect private lenders to clients seeking mortgages outside the traditional institutions. Private lending using retirement funds presents great potential in earning tax-sheltered returns in an IRA. Realtors who understand how clients can use retirement funds to invest become an important resource to clients (and potential clients) who are investors.

This short video provides excellent information on how a real estate investing with IRAs can help you reach your retirement savings goals.

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