Account FAQs

Below, you will find the answers to our clients’ account FAQs.

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Account FAQs

Understanding My Account FAQs

What is a Fair Market Valuation?

What is a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD)?

What is UBIT/UDFI?

What is a 990-T Filing?

What Are the Contribution Limits?

What Do My Midland Fees Cover?

What is a 5498?

What is a 1099-R?

Where Can I Find a Breakdown of Fees for My Account?

Where Can I Find Statements for My Account?

Where Can I Find Tax Documents for My Account?

Managing My Account

How Do I Utilize Midland’s Online Portal, Midland360?

How Do I Fund or Contribute to My Account?

How Do I Initiate a Rollover?

How Do I Calculate My Required Minimum Distribution?

How Do I Update the Fair Market Value of My Investment?

How Do I Update My Contact Information?

How Do I Request a Distribution?

How Do I Request a Withdrawal From My Trading Account?

How Do I Initiate an IRA to IRA Transfer When My Account Is All Cash?

What Is the Flow/Process for Transfers, Rollovers, and Distributions With an Active Trading Account?

How Do I Pay a Bill on My Account?

How Does a Third Party Send Funds to My IRA Related to My Investment?

How Can I Pay My Midland Fees or Update My Preferred Billing Method?

How Do I Generate a Custom Statement for My Account?

How Do I Add or Update the Beneficiary on My Account?

How Do I Grant Access to My Account to Another Individual?

Making an Investment

Who Are Disqualified Parties?

What is a Prohibited Transaction?

What Types of Assets Can I Hold in My IRA?

Does Midland Advise?

Who Completes Due Diligence on an Investment?

How Do I Let Midland Know When I Am Ready to Move Forward With an Investment?

How Do I Liquidate an Investment?

Does Midland Have Options for My Uninvested Cash Balance?

What is the Typical Timeline for Completing an Investment?

What Fees Does Midland Charge to Make an Investment?