Equities – Stocks, Bonds, & Mutual Funds

While Midland specializes in alternative investments, we understand that true retirement account diversification can include a mix of self directed assets and publicly traded securities. This is why Midland has established a relationship with TD Ameritrade to allow you the ability to invest in equities (stocks, bonds, and mutual funds) under the umbrella of your Midland account. By opening a Midland-TD Ameritrade brokerage account, you give yourself the power of ultimate diversification. Opening a brokerage account is easy and fast. Consolidate your IRA investments today.

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Equities/Brokerage Account Responsibilities

Brokerage Account Responsibilities by Party

Equities Allowed in a Brokerage Account

You can invest in the following securities using your Midland-TD Ameritrade account:


mutual funds




Includes Pink
Sheet and
Bulletin Board


Bonds, CDs,

Equities/Brokerage Account FAQs

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What Are the Fees?