Tips to Improve Your Password

Tips to Improve Your Password

Your password is one of the most important layers of your personal information security. It is typically the only barrier protecting your personal data within your account from theft. That being said it is important to improve your password. Choose a password that is strong in order to limit the possibility of a malicious attacker from guessing your password.

Your password should be at least 8 characters in length and use a combination of letters, numbers and characters. bad\hedges!four5, for example, is a strong password. You can improve your password complexity by adding uppercase letters as well. For example Bad\hEDgeS!fOuR5.

Another great tip to improve your password is to not use pet names or anything that can be gathered from social media like the town you live in or family/friend names. Also, try and not use the same password across multiple accounts. If an intruder were to discover your login for one account, they could figure out your email and, access that and every other account you own.

To enhance your security it is advised you use 2-factor or 2-step authentication. This add’s a layer of security by requiring you to type in a code sent to you via text or email. That way even if your password is guessed the intruder will have another barrier keeping them from your data. If you were to receive a code when you were not trying to log into your accounts 2-factor authentication would also work as an indicator, letting you know that your account has been partially breached and that you must reset your password. Salesforce offers 2-factor authentication as well as Google’s Gmail among other popular online services.

If you would like to enhance your security further, you may want to consider using a password management web service called LastPass, Dashlane, and Keeper. As long as you can create and remember one strong password for these password management services, you can securely store all your passwords for your various accounts in them. Most of these password management services also have an extension on google chrome and an Android and iPhone app. The extension and app will allow you to easily login into your accounts as well as generate secure passwords for each account.

By following these tips to improve your password, you should stay secure and prevent yourself from being an easy victim to hackers.