About Midland

The Midland family of companies is a leading custodial services provider in the United States focused on self-directed IRA accounts, 1031 exchanges, and private fund custody services. In business since 1994, Midland prides itself on being the most responsive company in its industry by providing personal service representatives to each client and driving efficient operations across the firm.

The Midland family of companies are all privately held and include Midland Trust Company, a South Dakota publicly chartered trust company, Midland IRA, Inc., an IRA and private fund custody servicing company, and Midland 1031, a Qualified Intermediary service provider. Midland began as a two-person accounting firm on Sanibel Island and has grown to a specialized service trust company with offices and clients nationwide.

Midland is focused on providing clients with as many opportunities as possible to defer or eliminate taxes through both self-directed saving plans and 1031 exchanges. Midland’s services give our clients complete control over their retirement investment decisions by allowing them the ability to self-direct in real estate and other alternative assets while our 1031 services focus on tax-free exchanges for real estate investors.


People Make Midland the leader in tax-free investing. People Make Midland a dynamic company providing responsive service to savvy and independent clients. People Make Midland.



We are responsive to each other, to our clients and to our industry. We constantly evolve so that we are not the same company from year to year. Our processes change to meet the changing needs of our industry. We treat our clients and coworkers with respect and expediency and expect the same in return.


We treat every employee, individual client, prospect, and vendor with integrity and honesty. We strive for transparency within the organization to encourage collaboration. We will not sacrifice integrity for a number or type of account. We assume the best in others and stress the positive in all situations.


We offer ideas to fix problems, we learn from our mistakes, and we look for ways to constantly improve. We expect a lot of out of employees so we look to hire people who are not afraid of hard work. We follow through on our commitments. We continuously show gratitude for our clients and each other and offer help whenever possible.


  1. Develop and Appreciate our Employees
  1. Target and Win Business
  1. Provide Professional, Personal Service
  1. Operate with unrelenting efficiency

5. Trust and Respect One Another Without Reservation. We Are One Midland.

Account Holders
Billion in Client Assets
Years in Business

Benefits for Investors:

  • Flat Fees: Midland allows you to select a flat fee which is not tied to your investment performance.
  • Online Client Portal: Clients receive a personalized login allowing you to manage your account.
  • Flexibility: Use the same account at Midland to invest in numerous types of alternative assets.

Benefits for Professionals:

  • Source of Capital: By 2020 it’s estimated there will be just under $500 billion in IRAs. Midland is a strategic partner that makes the investment process easy for you and your clients.
  • Dedicated Representative: We offer a 1-to-1 Dedicated Client Service Representative for every investment manager and their clients.
  • Cutting Edge Technology: Gain access to manage your clients’ account on your personalized online portal.