Investing in Futures and Forex

With a Midland self-directed IRA, you can invest in futures and forex investments. You use a broker or dealer for these investments as long as they accept third-party brokerage accounts. Midland gives investors the control to choose their investments.

The video below shows the process of investing in futures and forex using a self-directed IRA.

Watch this video to learn about investing in Futures & Forex using
a Self-Directed IRA

Types of Trading

Managed Futures

Managed futures is an industry for investors who want access to different markets. These investors may not quite have the expertise, though. You can invest with a CTA who will perform trades in your account. However, they manage the accounts of many other individuals.

Self-Directed Futures Trading Accounts

Self-directed trading is for experienced individuals who have knowledge in the market. They understand conditions for a specific commodity, index, or the market in general. These individuals would rather push the buttons themselves on their trades. Different brokers provide platforms, technology, and service to specific types of traders.

Systems Trading

Systems trading is a mix between managed futures-style trading and self-directed. As the trader, you can push the buttons and trade the market as you see fit. With that said, a system will provide proprietary indicators or signals when it believes a good trade is happening. It is more of a guide for self-directed traders.

FAQs on Investing in Futures & Forex using a Self-Directed IRA

What types of futures & forex accounts can my IRA invest in?

Broker-assisted, fully self-directed, managed futures and forex accounts.

How quickly can I get my futures account funded?

Transferring your existing IRA to Midland IRA can take up to 2 weeks. Once Midland has the funds, we send them to the trading company as soon as possible.

How is the ownership titled?

Like all assets held within a retirement plan, the futures/forex account will be vested in the name of the IRA (Midland Trust Company As Custodian FBO Client Name, IRA#). This way, any income that is generated will be returned to your retirement account tax-free or tax-deferred.

Once I set-up an account with a futures company, can I control my trades?

In a self-directed IRA, you control all trades and trading that occurs in the account.

How can I learn more about trading opportunities with my IRA?

Contact us today and speak to one of our specialists. To see a list of our free educational workshops, visit our events page.

  • Investments can be made in small amounts and are easily controlled.
  • These assets offer diversity inside retirement portfolios.
  • Holdings are liquid, providing quick and easy transactions from holdings to cash.
  • Trades are based on your opinion of whether the value of the currency you’re acquiring or selling is about to rise or fall.
  • Most markets are open 24 hours a day, Sunday evening to Friday afternoon, giving investors broad access to foreign exchange markets and greater control than typical equities markets.
  • These transactions require a contractual agreement between the buyer and seller.
  • The contract outlines the exchange of designated commodities at predetermined prices and dates, at a cost agreed upon today but at a later date for acquisition.
  • The seller sets a price based on his or her speculation that the future cost of the asset will decrease; the buyer agrees based on his or her speculation that the cost of the acquisition will increase by the date of the exchange.
  • Investments include hard and soft commodities, and assets such as stocks, interest rates, currencies, intangible assets, and securities.